SaveMyTime – A time tracker for your daily activities


Time management helps in improving the productivity of your day. Sometimes we don’t know exactly how much time we spend on which activity daily.

This could be a serious problem if we are spending more time on an activity on which we are supposed to spend the least.

SaveMyTime is an app that helps you in tracking how much time you spend daily on which tasks. You can check your weekly and monthly task analysis also. The application has been rated by more than 5000 users on Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.6.

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Predefined tasks in Savemytime

There are some predefined tasks such as Work, Travel, Rest, Sleep, etc. You can modify any of these tasks and/or add customized tasks.

After a particular interval, the app will ask you what tasks you were doing in the last interval. You just have to select the task and the task will be recorded in the app. You can change this interval in Settings menu.

You can also select multiple tasks at a time. Next day, you can how much time you spent on which task.

So, for example, by looking at 1 week’s data you came to know that you spend much less time on the work than you should be, you can decide which tasks to give lesser priority so that you will be able to spend more time on work.

One thing to be noted is that you can not take a decision on changing your task priorities by looking at just one or two days’ data.

Because, the time spent by us on different tasks sometimes depends on external circumstances such as Traffic, environmental issues, health issues, family issues, etc. You will have to track your tasks for at least a week, and then you can take a decision.

Check out following two charts of my weekly and monthly activities. 

Savemytime last 7 days activity screenshot
Savemytime last 30 days activity screenshot

As you can see in the above screenshots, I spent 35% of my time on Work in the 7 days and 40% of my time in last 30 days. On an average, I spent 9 hours a day on Work.

Now, I want to increase my Work hours. I spent 6.5 hours a day on Sleep which is normal. But I spent 6 hours a day on Rest. So now I can take a decision on reducing my Rest hours and utilize that time for Work.

It is really that simple to identify the problems in your time management when you have such an amazing app.


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