Splitwise – Sharing expenses made easy


Consider you are going out with your friends or office people. You spend money on food, drinking water, traveling, etc. and you decide to split the expenses equally among each other.

It becomes difficult if you start putting every expense on a paper or on a notepad application on mobile devices and then split the amount.

Also in this way, the entire group doesn’t get any idea on how much money has been spent already and how much they owe unless and until they contact the person who is maintaining it.

Splitwise addresses this issue. All you have to do is, ask your friends to signup, add them to the group and start putting expenses in that group. Splitwise will tell you how much money every team member owes and to whom. All the data is synced with a cloud server, so all the group members get the idea about the expenses on their own devices.

The app has been rated by 60k+ users on Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.6. The application is free to use and does not contain any ad. You can manage the expenses from Android, iOS and desktop devices.

Scan/Click on the QR code to download the app

You can create multiple groups and track expenses in that group.

There is an option called “Simplify group debts” under group settings. This option should always be on. Splitwise will automatically combine debts in that particular group and avoid unnecessary extra payments.

Suppose if you are participating in two different groups and you owe money to a person in a group and that person owes money to you in another group, the dashboard of Splitwise will show how much final amount you owe to that person. So you don’t have to go to each group and settle the amount. You can settle the amount from dashboard itself.

Splitwise has also provided API to integrate their functionality into your own projects. The API can be seen on Splitwise API documentation page.



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