Sportractive – track running and cycling workouts from your smartphone


Performing daily workout is essential for our health and fitness. Daily running and cycling workouts can give enough exercise to your body.

Sportractive is a fitness app that tracks your running and cycling progress with the help of GPS of your smartphone You should enter your body measurements at the beginning. The app shows your progress in graphs for your weight, BMI and fat percentage.

Sportractive has got more than 1 million users on Google Play Store. More than 30000 users on Google Play Store have rated this app with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 which is quite impressive. It is free to use and does not contain any ad.

Scan/Click on QR code to download the app

How to use the app?

Switch on the GPS of your mobile device and open the app and then click on "Start". You will see a 10-seconds timer after which the app will start tracking your workout for that particular session. Once the session has started a "Lock" button appears. You can not directly pause the workout. Click on the lock button and then click on Stop or Pause. After stopping the workout, the app will show you the details of your workout which includes the weather, your running speed, duration of the workout, calories burned and so on. You can save or delete the workout. You can also share it with your friends on popular social media channels, email, or chat applications.

Sportractive helps you track workout for 25 indoor and outdoor activities.

Sportactive screenshots

The app is loved for its intuitive UI and intelligent representation of workout data in graphs. You can see your daily, weekly and yearly progress of your workout in the form of a graph. You can compare the distance, duration, calories, heart rate, pace, speed, climb, and descents.

Another important feature of this app is you can set up goals in the app. The goal can be distance, duration, climb and energy. For examples, you can add how much distance you plan to cover in a particular session and app will tell you how much of your goal is achieved.



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