What is exit intent popup and why you should use it


Before getting into all the technical details of exit-intent popups, let's first understand why you should use it.

We all implement different digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to our websites. We want the website visitors to perform a specific action on our landing pages.

Those actions can be

  1. Contact us(most common for B2B services)
  2. Subscribe to newsletter(most common for blog websites)
  3. Purchase items(most common for e-commerce websites)
  4. Subscribe to push notifications
Types of Call to action

And, we all need to admit that most of our users leave our pages without performing the desired action, i.e. users bounce from our websites.

Studies say that over 80-90% users do not return to your website if they bounced at 1st visit.

Why do users bounce?

  1. The content was irrelevant for the users; maybe you targeted the wrong audience.
  2. The content was relevant to the users, but it was so long or so boring that the user decided to leave the page.
  3. Targeting was right, but the information was not sufficient for the user to take any decision or action.
  4.  Everything was fine, but the user couldn't find the Call-to-Action(CTA).
  5. The user got distracted.
  6. The products listed were expensive and the user was expecting some discount.

And the list goes on. Everytime a user bounces from your website, you lose a potential customer which is nothing but a loss to your business.

What if there is a way to still convert a user, who is about to bounce, into your active customer?

Yes. Exit Intent popup can help you in getting 2-3% more conversions and in some cases even more than that.

So what is Exit Intent Popup and why you should implement it?

Exit Intent Popup is a nothing but a popup on your web page with a clear CTA. These popups appear on the screen when a user is about to leave a particular page.

Let's discuss this with an example.

Suppose you have an e-commerce portal and a visitor comes to your website. The user finds your products expensive and decides to leave. At this point, an Exit-Intent popup appears which says that "Sign up now to receive 20% OFF. Offer valid for today only". There is a good possibility that the user will sign up.

Exit intent popup example from thecanvasfactory.com.au

Exit intent popup example from thecanvasfactory.com.au

How to implement it?

Even though it does look like a simple concept, you may not want to implement it on your own as there are so many complexities. What if you develop a wrong algorithm and too many popups start appearing on the screen or the user is seeing the same popup multiple times. This can lead to bouncing of users because the popups irritated the users.

The best way to implement this is to use an external service.

If you are using any framework such as WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, etc. then you can easily find a plugin that provides this feature. Nowadays almost every email capturing plugin provides this kind of feature.

If you are not using any framework, you can still add exit-intent popups if you are using any tool like Intercom or OptinMonster, they provide built-in exit intent functionality.

You must make sure that the exit intent is properly set up and leads are properly managed. There can be N number of exit intents with N number of CTAs. Your integration should be able to identify exactly where the lead was captured, what was offered to the user and take necessary action depending on that. You may not want to send irrelevant information to the user just because you didn't capture the information properly. You can easily connect the leads captured from the exit intent popups to your webhooks and/or CRM.



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