Futurenda – task management made easy


Being productive is an important factor when we handle multiple tasks at a time. Sometimes we forget some tasks just because we forgot to note it down on a notepad or in the diary.

Also, sometimes we spend too much time on a task which is supposed to be finished in much lesser time and this is where our productivity suffers.

Futurenda handles this issue in a very effective manner. It shows the tasks in a timeline manner.

You can add tasks, events, and reminders to the application. All of these can be synced with Google Calendar.

Scan/Click on QR code to download the app

You can assign categories to the tasks. Those categories can be Study, Work, Leisure, Social, etc. You can add your own categories also.

The application has a search button which you can use to find the tasks based on the keywords.

You can also assign the time required to complete a particular task and by when the task should be completed. Click on play button while starting a particular task and click on the completed button when you will finish it.

Futurenda shows you the timer for completing the task and a reminder for the deadline as well. The application provides analysis of the tasks done by you. The analysis is given based on your task categories.

It will tell you how much time you spent on which type of task in a particular day or week. This kind of analysis can help in deciding which tasks to prioritize the most and which to least.

For monthly and yearly analysis, you need to upgrade the application to the premium version. The premium version of this application will cost USD 5.99 per month or USD 59.99 per year(17% off).

Futurenda Premium pricing plans

Premium version allows you to add dynamic agenda of length 30, maximum 100 active tasks and 50 custom categories.

If you want more then you can purchase Unlimited plan which costs USD 19.99 per month or USD 149.99 per year.

You can try both the plans for free for 30 days.


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