Why automated chatbots should be used?


The main objective of driving traffic to the websites is to generate leads. We generate leads for our businesses, email lists, online courses, events registrations, etc.

How do we get the leads? We ask the users to fill a form on our landing page, right? If you carefully look at your marketing funnel, you will realize that many users are leaving your landing page without filling their contact details.

Why do users bounce from your landing page?

Because the users

  1. came to your page to consume the information.
  2. came by mistake or the product/service you are offering was not relevant to them.
  3. couldn't understand the content.
  4. couldn't find a clear call to action.
  5. had some doubts and wanted to solve them before filling the contact form.
    There can be any number of reasons.

Real-time chat applications help in getting relatively more leads to the businesses. Users ask their doubts through chat applications and get the solution immediately.

But, one of the problems in real-time chat is that you need a team of operators who will chat and solve the doubts of these users. This is an expensive task especially for small startups, bloggers, small event hosting companies, etc. You need to hire these operators, purchase the premium version of chat application which generally costs between $50 to $150 per month, and you have to train these operators about the products and/or services you are offering so that they will be able to solve the doubts of the users.

Also, if you have only one call-to-action(CTA), for example, you want the users to signup your email list, then keeping such team will not be worth to you.

Chatbot applications can help you in this. A chatbot is nothing but a series of questions and responses which are sent to users when a user opens the chat application. It is a program that simulates a conversation with human users.

If you have only one CTA, for example, "Subscribe to newsletter", a simple chatbot can solve your problem. You can simply ask a series of questions such as "may I know your name?", "Please share your email address so that I can follow up", etc.

But if you have more than one CTA, for example, you want to sell a course of Mobile application development. And you want users to signup for Android application development, iOS application development or both. In this case, you need to use a conditional chatbot which gives a response to the users depending on the input provided by them.

All these can be easily setup using chatbot software. You can simply prepare a flowchart in your chatbot's admin interface.

Which chatbot software is suitable for you?

Use the following checklist while selecting a chatbot software for your website:

  1. Creation of multiple chat flows

    The software must allow you to create different campaigns/flows for different purposes. If you have created different landing pages for Android and iOS application development course, only relevant chat questions and responses must appear on the chatbot, otherwise, users will suspect that they are not talking to a human and they will not share their information.

  2. Conditional chat flows

    In case you want the chatbot to handle two different CTAs, then it must support conditional flows.

  3. Lead segmentation

    When you collect leads for different CTAs, the chatbot should be able to segment the users based on the CTA so that you can decide the possible next step for a particular lead based on that CTA. Obviously, you wouldn't want to send iOS development course signup link to a user who has opted for Android development course.

  4. Exit intent

    We discussed exit intent previously in our article "What is exit intent popup and why you should use it". Make sure that your chatbot provides this feature and don't forget to enable it.

  5. Cost structure

    Carefully look at the cost structure. If your daily/monthly quota exceeds, the chatbot may not record the leads. You have to carefully monitor the performance and usage of your chatbot to avoid this kind of situation.

There so many chatbots available. OptinChat, FlowXo, Collect.chat.
We are going to use these chat applications on TheReviewGem and we will share a detailed review on these.

Stay tuned!



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