OptinChat – Chatbot for generating conversions from the website


We discussed why automated chatbots should be used on the website. This article reviews a chatbot called OptinChat.
OptinChat is a Chatbot that collects leads from your landing pages.


It can be easily set up on the website. Go to OptinChat.com and signup if you haven’t already signed up. Configure it in the dashboard and you will get a JavaScript code which you can copy on your website


The website says it is an AI-based chat. But it is NOT. There are only a fixed number of questions that you can ask using this bot. It does not allow conditional jump. This restricts our scope of communication with the users through a chatbot. This kind of chatbot is more suitable for generating email lists.


Initially, when it was launched, the support was nice. But recently I saw few errors in the chatbot so I sent few queries from their dashboard and also from my registered email ID, they haven’t replied to my queries. They provide too poor support service.

Advantages of this OptinChat:
1. Simple setup
2. Loads easily on the website
3. Exit intent popup helps in getting additional leads
4. Zapier and other major integrations are available.

Disadvantages of OptinChat:
1. Fixed questions can be asked
2. Poor support
3. Not suitable for B2B lead generation

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